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Top 5 Things Food Courts in Bangalore Must Consider to Promote Health

by Chandan | June 05, 2018 | Restaurants and Food Courts

In the past few years, the number of food courts has increased exponentially in Bangalore. There are varied factors driving the food industry in the Silicon Valley of India or IT capital of India, including the growing economy coupled with the influx of huge migrant communities

What Does It Mean for Food Court Businesses

Mushrooming of vendors means more competition regarding customer acquisition and retention and a reduced profit margin. Since food is one of the basic needs in life that define our physical and mental health, informed consumers of Bangalore are not going to settle with substandard options.

Irrespective of the competition, here is no denying that the development presents an emerging opportunity for the food court owners in Bangalore. However, they need to go the extra mile to beat the competition. They have to understand their responsibilities and do justice to the expectations of consumers. The prime responsibility is to serve healthy diet meals to their customers who are moving the economy and growth forward. Goodness returns for sure in the form of happy and returning customers, more recommendations and high ROI (Return on Investment).

Great Ideas That Make Food Court Businesses Promote Health and Stand Out

Follow Food Safety and Standards

Registration and licensing of food businesses in India is done by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India that functions under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.  Adhere to the guidelines of the authority regarding the use of raw materials or ingredients, cooking, storing and delivering practices. It might ask for some investment and extra efforts but remember, no great business in the food industry from ABC Kitchen in NYC to The Clerkenwell Kitchen in London to Rasa India in Bangalore were ever built without that extr

Include Body Fitness Food

The rapid urbanization adds to the economy and the wallet of people but it does come with a cost. Employees and employers push themselves to gain success and prosperity, which is good. But extreme hardship, physical or mental, sometimes takes a toll on the people’s health. Many of the health problems, often categorized as lifestyle diseases including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases like blood pressure, heart stroke, to name a few, are growing rapidly in India and abroad.

The intake of right nutrition can help significantly alleviate the health problems. And, in this regard, food courts in Bangalore can play a big role by serving customers with healthy meals.  Worried about cost? You shouldn’t. Veg salads for diet are quite common in every meal. Experiment with some healthy salad recipes. Adding microgreens of broccoli and beetroot is a good idea.

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Offering Customized Diets

Akin to banks’ approach of KYC (Know Your Customers), food courts in Bangalore need to understand their regular customers. If you are serious about making a difference, start knowing about the profile of your customers. Collect data like age, nature of occupation, food preferences and health issues, if any. Based on that, suggest them taking the right foods.

Certainly, this can’t be done in a day. You need to build rapport with customers to make them feel comfortable in sharing all these details. Just taking phone number is not enough. Create customized diets like healthy meals for weight loss, diabetic recipes, cancer protect food, food for glowing skin, and so on. This pro-customer approach will help you turn customers into loyal customers and get more recommendations for your business.

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Include Food for Detoxification

A lot of toxic elements like oxides (Carbon dioxide), nitrogen compounds (urea, ammonia, uric acid), phosphates, sulphates, etc., get generated in our body automatically due to the natural metabolic activities. Their elimination is a must for a healthy body. Food vendors in Bangalore should include detoxifying elements in their serving to help their customers stay healthy. Sunflower shoot, grown as microgreens, has a great detoxifying property.

Emphasize on Antioxidant-Rich Food

Harmful oxygen-free radicals or reactive oxygen (like peroxides, superoxide, hydroxyl radical, and singlet oxygen) are produced in the body as a result of various processes. These radicals have a strong affinity towards cellular components like DNA, proteins, and lipids, thereby the radicals, when unchecked, interfere with the normal functioning of the cells and tissues and lead to health problems.

According to World Health Organization, these reactive radicals relate to aging, arteriosclerosis, and cancer. Here, comes the role of antioxidant. It serves as protective agents against oxygen free radicals. Thankfully, nature has got us covered. Some well-known antioxidants like vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, selenium, ubiquinone (Q10) and the flavonoids are easily accessible through natural foods like apple, onion, broccoli and radish microgreens.

Understand your customers and serve them smile. Goodbye!

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