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Selection of seeds for microgreens

by Chandan | July 17, 2019 | Microgreens

There are multiple seed vendors across all cities. But it gets quite difficult to find the right ones. We personally have tried more than 50+ varieties, and for mustard alone we have tried more than 12 different varieties.

The reason to test with so many varieties of seeds is, the ones used for micro-greens should provide the greens with firm stem and thick leaves. The thickness and the quality of Microgreens greatly depends also on several other conditions. However, right seeds with high germination rate is the basic requirement. There can be seeds which can give great yield when grown in to a plant, but could be very delicate in Microgreens stage. 

Over the last two years we have tried and tested seeds from different vendors (local and abroad) to finally arrive at our selection. 

Happy farming folks 🙂

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