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Selecting the right variety of Microgreens

by Chandan | October 22, 2019 | Microgreens

Okay, so there are literally hundreds of varieties of microgreens we can grow, however we don’t need to grow all of em.

The trick to select the varieties you need to grow, is to understand the market you need to cater. The two major consumers of microgreens are chefs and the healthy eating people

If your target clients are chefs, there are few criteria in it: Colour, texture, Shape and flavour. The microgreens you select to grow should have something unique in each of those areas. In metropolitan cities its a good idea to also have some good options of edible flowers. The one shown in this post is Sweet Peas and is most loved by chefs.

If you are targeting the healthy eating people you need to select the microgreens which are high in nutrition and tastes great. Almost all microgreens are high in nutrition, so you should carefully select the microgreens which tastes great. There are some microgreens when harvested at the right time, tastes good and when delayed harvesting, the taste gets bitter/fibrous.

Happy farming folks !!

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