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The Inspiration Behind BloomingGreens

Great minds and bodies are made in kitchen. This saying has been substantiated by our traditional system of medicine, Ayurveda. Further, a series of scientific experiments have also verified that our social behavior and thinking is shaped by whatever we consume from our environment. It was till 90s that we observed less number of degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes etc. Owing to our balanced diet at our conventional households, we used to get all our nutrition from the three meals of the day.

Things changed and we changed too. Gradually, we became busy in our professional and personal pursuits and the balanced diet replaced the food supplements like proteins, vitamins, and Omega 3 supplements. Each tablet was accompanied with a bulk of other unrequired chemicals that cause those crippling diseases in our body. My Intention is to adhere to our traditional ways of getting nutrition from the nature and benefitting maximum from it.

The life (Prana), live enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals, RNA, DNA, oxygen and other secret elements which only nature possesses, are available only in traditionally grown microgreens, and can never be given by a pill.

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From the outside, our farm resembles nothing more than a greenhouse sitting quietly inside a farm. Numerous rows of microgreens line up, tray after tray, until it is time to harvest. Trays are also growing wheatgrass, a plant known for its high nutritional value when juiced; and tiny young shoots packed with vitamins, minerals, and life force. All of these microgreens are hand-harvested within two weeks and are delivered on the same day of harvest.

Microgreens, widely considered as fitness food is a young version of vegetable and herb plants that are packed with nutrients to keep you healthy. These tiny greens are an essential vitamin food that contains few important health food vitamins such as C, E, and K. They're a source of antioxidant compounds that support healthy skin and vision. This fitness food product reduces the risk of developing cancer or heart diseases due to the nutrients present in it. They vary in flavor from mild to slightly spicy and are easy to incorporate into everyday meals.

All of our crops are grown in rich, fertile soil and are certified organic. The farm offers wheatgrass, single crop microgreens and a combination of all the microgreens. At BloomingGreens, we provide microgreens for Brocolli, Sunflower, Peas,
Wheatgrass, Beetroot, and a combination of microgreens in a basket each in a pack of 100 grams which we deliver on the day of harvest. You can also choose a customized pack according to your choice of microgreens. Also, we grow microgreens in the same city we harvest. Therefore, it is directly and always from farm to home.

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