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How to Be a Vegan and Stay Fit

by Chandan | July 16, 2018 | Healthy Food

We all have some or the other favourite film stars who we admire because of their good-looking abs or zero size figures. We do wonder about the secret behind their awe-inspiring personality.

Many of us even follow strict diets to get in shape but still fail to achieve our fitness goals. The main reason for this is the incomplete diet and exercise routine that we follow.

You will be surprised to know that many of the film stars follow a strict vegan diet and do hours of exercise to gain envying figures. Vegan is not just about the trend. It is a safer road to a healthy you and it helps in saving lives of innocent companions.

Being a vegan is, ‘yes’ safe because consuming a vegetarian or vegan diet is nutritionally adequate and provide various health benefits in the prevention and treatment of several diseases. A well-planned vegan diet is perfect for all stages of life such as childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, and lactation. It’s a miraculous means to stay healthy at old ages.

If you are a plus size vegetarian and tired of trying multiple ways to lose weight, need not worry. Include microgreens a healthy food to lose weight in your regular diet and notice a change within a few months. Microgreens are a nutrient-packed addition to your diet and protect you against several diseases such as cancer, diabetes, improves overall health, boosts the immune system, and delays chronic diseases of aging. You can eat them raw; prepare a green salad for weight loss, use them as a topping on burger and pizza.

A vegan diet is healthy but it is important for you to do homework before you start following a vegan lifestyle in order to ensure that your diet is well-balanced with all the nutrients you need

How a vegan diet can do wonders for you.

    • Include a variety of high-protein plant foods such as beans, nuts, and whole grains.
    • Dairy is the main source of calcium so incorporate plant-based foods such as almonds, soy products, and dark leafy green vegetables.
    • Naturally, try to get vitamin D from the sun. Do not bake yourself throughout the day for vitamin D. About 30 minutes of sun exposure is enough to allow your body to produce the sunshine vitamin.
    • Incorporate healthy fat-rich foods such as avocados, olives, nuts and more.
    • Include fortified dairy products and green leafy vegetables to fulfill iron needs.


    A regular balanced vegan diet is the key to weight loss and staying healthy. Keep your body fueled with high-quality foods and nothing can stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

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