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What is a microgreen?

Microgreen is the commonly used term for any herb or vegetable that has edible leaves and is usually harvested at cotyledon stage. These are of size from 1 to 1.5 inches long which includes stem and leaves. The stage is first stage of development of plant when true leaves arise in a plant. It is the next stage after germination when the little plant develops a full-fledged roots and leaves.

Are microgreens helpful in treating diabetes?

Microgreens like radish microgreens help in preparing diabetic diet recipes. They contain polyphenols, anthocyanin, selenium, isothiocyanates, and methanolic extraction among other vital nutrients that help with regulating energy metabolism and improving intestinal glucose absorption, which collectively improve the health of a diabetic person. Regular intake of microgreens serves as a good preventive measure against diabetes.

Are microgreens helpful in treating cancer?

Yes. However, we never recommend you to discontinue your cancer medication and resort to microgreens alone for treatment. Take microgreens obtained from cruciferous family like Broccoli that help in producing cancer-fighting compounds. The combination makes recovery faster. Inclusion of microgreens is a good preventive measure against cancer. Hence, rely on cancer fighting meals and stay healthy.

How can I make tasty wheatgrass juice at home?

Wheatgrass contains detoxifying and alkalizing nutritional components. Here is how you can prepare a miraculous juice of it for easy consumption:

1. Choose your favorite fruit like orange or apple to crush with the wheatgrass for a better flavour.
2. Wash the wheatgrass twice or thrice under running tape water. Drain out the water.
3. Put wheatgrass and your favourite fruit in the juicer or blender. Do not juice for long time. It might alter the taste.
4. Your juice is ready.

What are the skin benefits of microgreens?

Microgreens obtained from broccoli and several other seeds are densely packed with Vitamin A and C, which are essential for maintaining a healthy skin. Broccoli contains glucoraphanin which gets converted into sulforaphane which nourishes the skin and repair damaged skin cells and tissues.

How can we choose fresh microgreens?

You can identify the freshness of the microgreens by their green colour. However, make sure you order it from a reputed nearby farm. Fresh microgreens contain 4-6 times more vitamins and nutrients than the adult vegetable.

What is the difference between Microgreens and Sprouts?

In a simple way, sprouts are younger sibling of microgreens. Sprouts are germinated in water. You can soak the seeds or grains and take them out and wait for the seedlings (young plants) to come out. The germination may take 2 to 4 days.
However, microgreens are grown in soil. They have roots, a stem and leaves. The produce life-span is of 2–4 weeks from germination to harvesting. Microgreens measure 1 to 1.5 in (25 to 38 mm) in total length.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash on delivery and digital payment options are available. In the digital mode, we accept payment through credit or debit card or Internet banking.

How can I purchase from BloomingGreens?

You can either contact us or click on any product category you wish to get delivered at your doorstep in Bangalore. For bulk orders call us at 9731731289.

What are the benefits of Microgreens?

Most of the microgreens are rich in beta-carotene. This nutrient is a kind of carotenoid. It helps in preventing diseases related to eyes and also keeps away type-2 diabetes. Lutein and zeaxanthin are other types of carotenoids found in these tiny veggies. These nutrients prevent cataract and macular degeneration in eyes.

Where are your products grown?

The majority of our products are greenhouse grown. Greenhouses help moderate weather extremes in the outdoor climate. Nevertheless, greenhouse grown crops are significantly affected by the weather outside. Cloudy days, short winter days, extreme cold, high humidity, hot temperatures, all have a profound effect on the quality of what’s grown in a greenhouse.

Which are the microgreens available at BloomingGreens?

At BloomingGreens, we provide microgreens for Brocolli, Sunflower, Peas, Wheatgrass, Beetroot, and microgreens basket each in a pack of 100 grams. You can also choose a customized pack according to your choice of microgreens.

Where do you ship your products to?

We ship our microgreens only in Bangalore after the harvesting these twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) on the same day.

What is the medium in which you grow your microgreens and what kinds of seeds do you use?

Our microgreens are all soil-grown for which we use non-GMO seeds sown in natural sunlight in our greenhouses.

Are there any introductory offers or discounts?

One can get our trial pack absolutely free of cost. This trial pack would be mixture of all the microgreens that we are offering. When you opt for subscription, we also provide you a complimentary book. To know more about our offers and benefits, you can contact us .

Are microgreens good weight loss food?

Microgreens are low in calories and rich in fibre. Hence, they serve as an excellent nutrition for weight loss. You can consume microgreens in all formats – from raw to cooked. They improve digestion and metabolism to help you stay healthy and fit.

Do you use pesticides?

No. We grow our microgreens without any Pesticides.