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Edible flowers in Bangalore India

by Chandan | August 25, 2019 | Edible Flowers

After observing the market close to 2 years, this month we have ventured in to growing edible flowers for our select clients. Anyone who wishes to start catering to this market has to have good understanding of the plants on the below areas:

Land preparation for growing edible flowers. Cow / goat manure required for the area you grow. Usually it’s around 1.5 tonnes for one acre of land.

To start with you understand the market better you can do in 100sqmtr area.

Different ways of propagating the edible flower plants. The ones which need seeds and the ones that can be grown by asexual reproduction using stem.

Average number of blooms per stem.

Average stems per sq mtr.

Different ways of growing for annual and perrinial flowering plants.

There are many varieties of edible flowers that can be grown in India, but depends largely on the weather conditions in your city. Bangalore is quite favourable for edible flowers.  You should connect with chefs to know how they use. From some flowers, individual petals are used, and in some, the whole flowers are used as garnish.

Some flowers are peppery and some sweet and some are sour. 

Growing so many different varieties under same conditions will get difficult, so you need to know what to grow in your weather conditions.

Winters are the time in India when we see flowers everywhere, so the sowing and all the required preparation for them has to start by end of June.

It’s important to have a good mix of annual and perennial flowering plants to cater to the market irrespective of the season.

Happy farming folks !! 🙂

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