"Our lives are not in the lap of the gods,
but in the lap of our cooks."
~Lin Yutang

Microgreen Recipe online
Create Healthy Salads: Paint Your Plate With Color For Better Health
by Sachin Kulkarni | February 19, 2018 | Recipes

How magnificent is the visual appeal of this salad? How many colors are represented in your salad? The more colors you put on your plate, the more vitamins and minerals you will consume during that meal! Think Color!

Broccoli Salad
Zero Cholesterol Recipe of Beans and Broccoli Salad
by Sachin Kulkarni | February 14, 2018 | Recipes

Instead of bringing the go to pasta salad to a pot luck gathering, be the one to bring a super nutritious bean and broccoli salad. Pick your favorite pasta salad and substitute beans (kidney beans, black eyed beans, pinto beans, navy beans, lentils, and black beans) for the pasta, which increases the protein and fiber content in your dish. Add the broccoli and you have the ultimate cancer prevention meal!

Buff Buffet Buff in Bangalore
Top 10 Restaurants in Bangalore for Tasty and Healthy Food
by Sachin Kulkarni | January 28, 2018 | Food

We all love to dine out once in a while. However, it is always a tricky task to decide where you want to go for lunch or dinner. Typically, the restaurant you prefer may be shot down by your spouse who may have another favourite. Or the kids may want to go to a place, which has more fun quotient while you would want a quiet, serene ambience. Most importantly, the quality of food and service would determine what your choice finally is.

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5 Top Incredibly Nutritious and Easy to Make Microgreens Recipes
by Sachin Kulkarni | January 11, 2018 | Recipes

Great minds and bodies are made in the kitchen. In other words, our  social behavior and thinking is shaped by whatever we consume from our environment.  Earlier, the incidence of degenerative or lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, cholesterol etc. was lesser compared to their growing incidence now. Balanced and nutritious diet three times in a day in those days ensured that people received the right amount of nutrition.

microgreens for body fitness
3 Reasons to Add Freshly Harvested Wheatgrass in Your Diet
by Sachin Kulkarni | December 27, 2017 | Wheatgrass

Urbanization blessed us with professional growth – more jobs, higher per capita income, higher consumption index, quality education and better infrastructure, to name a few – but slowly and surreptitiously, it took away the wellbeing and peace of mind. Of the many reasons that scholars and scientists cite, one is our alienation from the organic and traditional food and increased inclination towards fast and processed food.