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Beetroot Microgreens – Great Benefits for Skin, Hair, and Health

by Chandan | February 26, 2018 | Microgreens

We all have some favourite stars who we admire not just because of their box–office success but also because of their incredibly beautiful looks, skin, hair, and persona. However, the truth behind their beauty secrets may not be just makeup, expensive clothes, and superb camera work. Their beauty shines from a disciplined and regulated diet, which includes healthy, natural foods intake.

When it comes to a healthy diet, we can’t overlook beetroot microgreens. Did you know the benefits of beetroot microgreens? BloomingGreens explains how they make a significant difference to your health?

Beetroot Microgreens for a Glowing Skin

Beetroot microgreens contain abundant essential vitamins and minerals required for maintaining a healthy and glowing skin. It helps to remove dead cells and replace them with new ones. Cleansing your body toxins and purifying the blood, the microgreens further contribute to your health.

Beetroot Microgreens to Check Hair Loss

Vitamins and minerals deficiency is considered as the most common cause of hair loss. Cheers! Beetroot microgreens help in solving this problem to a great extent. Rich in iron, potassium, and electrolytes, beetroot microgreens help to repair limp hair and reduce the chances of breakage. Thus, this food provides all the essential nutrients and minerals required by your hair.

Beetroot Microgreens for a Healthy Liver

Rich in antioxidants, beetroot microgreens help to protect your liver from serious infections. Biologically, the liver is known as a hub in the body that secretes detoxifying enzymes and contributes massively towards neutralizing harmful by-products. Beetroot houses betaine that helps the liver with the secretion of the desired enzymes. It also helps with the regeneration of cells and disintegration of fat.

Wondering how to get beetroot microgreens? Order online this healthy food from BloomingGreens in Bangalore, add those to your meal or salad, and go right on the health track.

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