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4 Reasons to Take Wheatgrass Microgreens Every-day

by Chandan | February 23, 2018 | Wheatgrass

How many times do you visit the doctor in a year? Once, twice, thrice or may be more? The frequency of it depends on how healthy you are and your body’s capabilities to defend you against infections and ailments.
Incorporating wheatgrass in your regular diet can bring down your visits to the doctor as it builds your immunity and overall health up, brick by brick.
Here are a few benefits of wheatgrass microgreens that will help you with various disease prevention and overall health improvement:

1. Helps to Lose Weight

Weight loss food


Tired of visiting gym twice in a day and exercising for several hours to shed extra pounds? Well, a regular workout session brings incredible health benefits, but it shouldn’t exhaust you to the extreme that you fail to enjoy your family and social life. Moreover, it’s a much better rule to avoid gaining weight in the first place than spending money and hours in reducing it later on.

How to do that? Increase the level of fiber component and reduce the fat-rich component that doesn’t break up easily and start accumulating in the body. There couldn’t be a better way than grabbing some wheatgrass.
Taking wheatgrass is a preventive healthcare idea. It keeps a check on gaining extra fat. What makes it so? Wheatgrass contains selenium, which helps in the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland, which regulates body-weight.

2. Improves Digestion

For healthy digestion, the food should be proper. This ensures that all the nutrients are absorbed and you are getting the most of what you eat. Though there are digestive pills and syrups with antacids in the market, they only provide temporary relief. Moreover, their regular intake could have many ill effects.

For a permanent solution, improve the functioning of your digestive system with the right food and eating habit. Wheatgrass owing to its rich fiber-content and chlorophyll considerably improves the digestive capability.

3. Reduce Food Cravings

healthy meals for weight loss

Often to satiate cravings people end up eating anything without taking into account the pros and cons of the food. The habit results in obesity and digestive issues which, in turn, further invite other health problems and risks. Hence, it is better to substitute unhealthy food with exceptionally healthy foods like wheatgrass, which is low in calorie but high in nutritional value.

4. Prevents Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Of the many reasons that are given, unhealthy food is a key one. Fighting cancer is a difficult and long process. The better way to avoid this fatal disease is by having a healthy diet which can build immunity against cancer. Wheatgrass is a proven cancer-fighting herb. In addition, wheatgrass blades contain 70% chlorophyll that has been proved to have plenty of healing properties.
The regular intake of wheatgrass microgreens lets you enjoy tons of benefits. Wondering how to get fresh wheatgrass daily for well-being? You are just a click away from BloomingGreens, provided you are in Bengaluru.

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