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4 Great Benefits of Microgreens for Women’s Health

by Chandan | April 11, 2018 | Microgreens

A woman’s health directly impacts her yet-to-be-born or newborn baby. If the mother is healthy and consumes nutritious diet, the baby draws enough nutrients to develop and grow in good health.  BloomingGreens sees microgreens as an affordable and easily accessible health nutrient that can improve the overall health of women and in turn, help their babies blossom and bloom.

Fenugreek Microgreens Improve Breast Health

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Fenugreek Microgreens Salad for Women Health

Freshly harvested fenugreek microgreens contain phyto-nutrients, iron and high-quality protein that take care of the breast tissues and stimulate the production of milk in mothers who have to feed their young infants. Proper breast feeding is highly recommended for infants as this is the only source of nutrition for them.

Microgreens Supplement Nutrients in Expecting Mother

Microgreens For Women Health

Microgreens obtained from radish, wheat grains, alfalfa, beetroot, broccoli and fenugreek are a rich source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc carotene, chlorophyll, digestive aid, trace elements and useful amino acids. These boost the health of an expecting mother and her baby.

Magensium from Microgreens Helps Maintain a Sound Health

Microgreens for Good Health

The magnesium and zinc content of microgreens help women to stay away from general health problems like loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and weakness, numbness and tingling. It’s also associated with heart health.

Fenugreek Microgreens Aid to Hot Flashes

A hot flash is a feeling of intense heat, not caused by external sources and is characterized by tingling in your fingers, faster heart beating, sweating and other symptoms. Hot flashes can appear suddenly, or you may feel them coming on. Fenukgreek microgreens are known to be highly beneficial to check this women health problem.

We have explored some issues pertaining to women and infants. However, this is only a tip of the iceberg. Microgreens are a rich reservoir of nutrients that can bring significant health improvements.

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