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15 Undeniable Reasons to Love Wheatgrass

by Chandan | October 11, 2018 | Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass has emerged as one of the most popular super food in recent times and the health-conscious youth and older generation can be seen bragging about its consumption and numerous benefits more than often. It seems that they are absolutely right after all.

Wheatgrass is known as a super food as it is packed with all the prime minerals known to mankind, including vitamins A, C, E, and K along with the complete B-complex vitamins.

Though it might not taste that great when chewed, wheatgrass juice has become popular not just among the health-driven crowd, but also among kids and adults alike who like to enjoy good food. Here are a few reasons that make wheatgrass one of the most beloved health food, or juice, out there in recent times:

Builds immunity

The amino acids and enzymes present in wheatgrass protect your body from cell-destroying pathogens and carcinogens by strengthening each and every cell of the body apart from neutralizing other harmful pollutants in the cell and the body.

Reduces weight

One of the wheatgrass health benefits includes reduction of excess of weight by improving irregular thyroid function that in turn ensures maintenance of a balanced and healthy weight.

Lessens stress   

Wheatgrass not only helps improving your body physically, but also boosts your mental health. Regular consumption of wheatgrass supplies you with good amount of iron that increases the production of red blood cells in the body. This in turn produces more energy and wards away stress or fatigue.

As Anti-cancer agent

Apart from all these benefits, wheatgrass microgreens fight cancer. It effectively purifies blood of several toxins and chemicals that cause cancer and hence, reduces the probability of getting affected by this disease significantly.

Cleans liver

Wheatgrass consists of numerous detoxifying agents, enzymes, and other nutrients that cleanses the liver and boosts its ingesting process, certainly strengthening the vital organ.

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Antiseptic uses

Wheatgrass is a vital source of chlorophyll, which is known for its incredible antiseptic properties. Not only it helps in faster skin grafting, healing wounds faster, and neutralizing certain infections, chlorophyll also cures sinusitis, ear inflammation and infection, and rectal sores.

Strengthens hair

One of the less-known facts of wheatgrass is that it is highly beneficial for your hair. Not only it reverses the greying of hair, but also slows down the aging process, hence keeping your hair healthy for quite a long time.

Improves fertility

Intake of wheatgrass juice on a regular basis boosts your libido count, which in turn increases the production of reproductive hormones and regulates the flow of blood in the genitals, thus enhances the fertility. Also, P4D1, a compound found in wheatgrass, increases sperm count and impacts DNA in a positive manner.

Relieves menstrual pain

Women have to go through a lot during menstruation. Deficiency of minerals and vitamins can cause painful menstruation and irregular cycles that can be relieved by consumption of wheatgrass as it is an ample source of the needed vitamins and minerals.

Boosts cardiac health

Wheatgrass is as beneficial for heart as it is for other organs of the body. It significantly helps in lowering of high cholesterol levels and improving lipid levels that helps in maintaining the overall health of heart. It also works against any kind of inflammation, soothing the functioning of heart.

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Treats asthma

People suffering from asthma lose stamina rapidly and tend to suffocate in rather dusty places like roads, markets, or any other such open place. Wheatgrass contains zinc and magnesium that reduces the inflammatory impact of asthma and improves air supply to lungs.

Increases blood oxygen levels

The minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients present in wheatgrass increases blood oxygen levels in the body and therefore, impacting the stamina positively that in turn boosts overall immunity of the body and makes you fitter.

Slows down aging

One particular enzyme present in wheatgrass, superoxide dismutase, contains anti-aging properties. Its presence in the body increases longevity of the cells by protecting them from superoxides, which are free radicals.

Enhanced skin

Apart from having antiseptic properties, chlorophyll also is quite affective in the treatment of various skin issues. Therefore, wheatgrass intake reduces the chances of eczema, psoriasis, insect bites, or any kind of skin poisoning.

Aids in Alzheimer’s disease

Wheatgrass has certain anti-oxidant properties that makes it a perfect agent for treating for Alzheimer’s disease, as the chlorophyll in the microgreen reduces oxidative stress and apart from increasing blood flow, enhances the functioning of brain.

Besides the above-mentioned facts, wheatgrass has numerous other benefits. Whether it is stress relief or reducing blood-related disorders or improving the organs’ functions, it definitely is an all-rounder superfood and a must have for people of all ages.

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